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MailScan for the User

Before using MailScan for the first time, make sure that the prerequisites specified in MailScan Setup have been complied with.

  1. Go To Records Tab and choose the Import MailScan from the ribbon. 
  2. The Destination Tab will appear.

    • If the Workflow module is installed, optionally select a job. The contact and destination fields will be automatically populated and the cursor will move to the Link field if Record Linking is enabled or the Next button if not.
      Note: Right-click the field to add a new job if you are allowed to create new jobs.
      Note: Click the button at the end of the field or press Enter or type part of the job name to display the select dialog.

    • If the Workflow module is not installed, in the Area field, only the Contacts area will be available. A contact cannot be chosen because MailScan extracts this information from the imported image documents.

    • Location: Choose the default location for the imported record(s). If the MailScan Form Year field in Record Locations has a value that matches the form year, that location is used. If not, this location is used.

    • Link Code: (Optional - only available if record linking is in use) HowNow automatically creates a link between the saved form and the accompanying merge document. If the estimated/actual value comparison fails, the link will be ERROR.

    • Description: (Optional) Enter a common record description.

    • Partner, Manager, Signatory and Reviewer: Choose the appropriate people for these roles for the imported records.
      Note: if the appropriate PartnerName, PartnerInitials, etc, fields exist in the contact database, these fields will be selected automatically.

    • Record Status: Choose a record status setting. The default is Draft for all import types except MailScan and PaperBuster where the default is determined from the Default Mail In status.

    • Move Record, Else Copy: Check this option to move the records to the new location and delete the originals. Uncheck it to leave the records in their original location and make a copy of them in the new location. The default is Move.

    • Click Next.

  3. The Location Tab will appear.

    • Location - the location of the scanned files to import or the location where files will be scanned to. The default value comes from the employee's record. See File Administration Employees Employee DetailsOther SettingsDefault MailScan Path. Otherwise, click the browse button to select an import folder.

    • Click Next.

  4. The MailScan tab will appear.The following options are available.
    • Template Type - choose Auto to let HowNow choose the MailScan template automatically or Manual to add the files manually without using templates.

    • Templates- lists the available MailScan templates. Use the checkboxes to temporarily enable or disable templates.
      Note: De-selecting unused templates will increase the speed of processing.

    • Create Batch - choose this option to create a batch number that links all of the records created during the import.

    • Create Merge Documents - choose this option to automatically create a merge document if a merge document is specified and the estimated and actual values are the same (within 5 cents) OR the estimated and actual values are not specified in the template. See MailScan Templates for  more information.
      Always - ignore the estimated and actual value comparison and always create a merge document.
      Print - print the merge documents when they are created.
      Financial Year - only required if Merge Documents are to be produced. This is the default financial year that relates to the imported forms. In the merge document, if a field called FormYear exists in the contact's record, its value is used, otherwise this default value is used.
      Merge Document Record Status - choose a record status setting for the merge document. The default is Draft.

    • Import Manually if Template not Found - if this option is checked, HowNow will automatically display the New Item Wizard whenever a matching template cannot be found.

    • Test Mode - use this setting when testing new form templates. In this mode, all actions are logged and the imported forms are not saved as records and merge documents are not created.

    • Click Next.

  5. A list of files will appear.

    • Use the checkbox beside each file or the Deselect/Select All button to deselect/select files for import.

    • Scan button - use this option to scan files and/or process the scanned files before importing them. See MailScan Scanner.

    • Process Templates Manually - choose this option to process each form manually. See MailScan Diagnostics.

  6. Click the Process button to start the import.

    • Any errors other than a compare error are logged. Use the Show Log button to view the log. The files in question can then be processed manually.

    • Compare errors (where the Actual value read from the form doesn't agree with the Estimated value in the contact's record) are not logged but the link on the saved record is set to ERROR and the description contains details of the problem.

    • Files successfully scanned and filed as records are de-selected in the list and their entries disabled.

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