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The Dashboard is home to notifications of recent events on the system. As clients join your portal and documents are uploaded, downloaded and signed, notifications will be displayed on the dashboard.

Dashboard items contain a button link which will take you to the relevant document.

The main areas explained:

Week/Month View

Clicking on these buttons will summarise the following tasks that your firm has conducted over a week or month period:


Snapshot of your firm's uploads i.e. how many documents have been uploaded


Number of signed documents during the period


New people (accounts) associated with your clients that have been created in the period to have access to the portal


New clients created in the period - entities or individuals that you provide a service to such as companies, trusts, Mr, Mrs, Child, etc.

Signing Events

Number of documents that have been assigned a signing task and are signed or unsigned


Displays documents that have been forwarded to client for signing that have yet to be signed, or are only partially signed. Clicking on the down arrow next to the document name will show who is still required to sign the document.


Displays all signed documents. 

Release Notes

Click  "Find Out"  to display the latest software release notes on the Portal Help Screen. This screen provides you with any latest enhancements and bug fixes. You can also search for articles and videos on help as well as log a Helpdesk ticket if you need extra help or even check on your ticket status.

Recent Events

Recent events displays all of your company and client activities that have been undertaken such as file uploads, documents awaiting signing.

Profile Area 

This area displays the details of the person logged into the Portal Admin site. Here you can:

  • Access the portal help
  • Profile - see your details and change your user password
  • Log out of the Portal Admin site  

Managing Clients and Accounts

Clients  and accounts are added to the portal from HowNow - see here for the details of how to connect clients from within HowNow.

Note: Where HowNow is connected to the portal, the "New Client" button should be disabled to avoid clients being added directly on the portal. If it has not been disabled, please contact Business Fitness support. You will also not be able to add accounts directly from the portal.

Client Notifications

Notifications are sent to the accounts (as well as employees) when events occur on the portal. These are managed from with the Portal Admin. The Notifications button allows you to subscribe the account/s and/or employee/s who will receive notifications about this client, for example when a document has been uploaded. If an employee(s) has already been set as the "Default Recipient" of notifications, it is not necessary to add an employee to every client. 

To set who will receive notifications for a particular client, select the client and choose the Accounts or Employees tab the select the appropriate accounts or employees.

Working with Documents

The documents page is home to all documents for your firm. Employees who have access to the Portal, can view all documents on a per client basis. Most of the day to day activities of uploading documents and receiving documents from the portal is managed via the connection between HowNow and the Portal, however there may be times when you need to manage the documents directly from the portal.

Navigate to the Clients tab, selecting the client and click View Documents - this display the documents page, populated with all the documents for the selected client, as well as the filter filters. There are a number of actions available from the Documents page: 

Filters - you can create a filter, rename a filter or delete a filter - this only changes the filter structure for the selected client. Note, only filters created for the selected client can be deleted, filters created at the firm level cannot be deleted from this menu. See below Managing Filters on a Client Level.

Upload - upload documents for the selected clients - this is all done via HowNow. 

Download - download the selected document or multiple documents - see below Download Documents from the Portal.

Preview - enables preview of the selected document - there are restrictions on the type of documents that can be previewed - see below Preview Documents.

Tasks - allows you to add a signing task, remove a signing task or resend a notification - see Setting up Documents for Advanced Adobe Sign for more information on this function.

History - provides an audit trail of the selected document see below Document History and Deletion.

Delete - allows documents to be deleted from the portal see below Document History and Deletion.

Document filters can narrow the number of documents shown - click on the appropriate filter to see only those documents for that filter. Search can be used to locate documents based on title, date, user and description. 

Outstanding Signatures

Documents with outstanding signing tasks, show with an arrow - when the arrow is clicked, it will show who is  still to sign the document. Hovering over the a name will show the email address at the bottom left of the browser. Clicking on the name will open a new email populated with that person's email address.

Managing Filters on a Client Level

The Filters button allows you to create, rename, delete and assign filters for the selected client. Without a filter selected, you can create or assign a filter. With a filter selected, you can create a sub-filter, rename or delete a filter.

Without a filter selected

With a filter selected

Create - allows you to create a new filter, or sub-filter for the selected client. Without any filter selected the create button will create a new top level filter, to create a sub-filter, select the appropriate filter, then select create. 

Rename - selecte the appropriate filter, then Rename to change the filter name - only filters created for the selected client can be renamed - firm level filters cannot be renamed for the client, they need to be changed as a firm wide setting.

Delete - allows you to delete a filter that has been created specifically for the selected client. A warning message will appear when deleting a filter. If attempting to delete a firm filter, you will receive this message.

Assign - as the name suggests, this allows you to assign a filter, for a document that does not have a filter assigned, or to change the assigned filter. Select the appropriate document, then select the assign option for filters and you will see this window to allow you to select the appropriate filter. By selecting one document and holding down the shift or control key you can select multiple documents to enable assigning filters in bulk.

Download Documents from the Portal

Download: Select the file and click the Download button to download a file. Multiple files can be selected for download.

After pressing the download button, you will be presented with the usual web browser options for downloading (this will be dependent on the browser being used. Below is the view using Chrome.

Preview Documents

Select the file and click the Preview button to view the file online. Most documents are available for preview, but not all documents or files can be previewed. Those that cannot include documents containing macros (i.e. .docm and .xlsm) and software data files. Documents that cannot be previewed will have the preview button disabled. 

Preview will display like this:

Document History and Deletion

Document History

The history of a document is a list of every action taken against a document since it was uploaded to the portal and includes:

  • Uploading the document
  • Signing request
  • Signing events
  • Downloading
  • Previewing

The actions show date and time and who performed them.

Document Deletion

The deletion of a document is final and care should be taken before deleting any documents as the document will be removed from the portal and all information relating to that document will also be removed. When you delete a document you will be presented with a warning prior to deletion.

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