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Getting Help

There are 6 ways you can get help on using HowNow:

  • Pressing the Help button within the software
  • Help from your HowNow Administrator
  • Help from the HowNow Support Team
  • Help and coaching from the Client Care Team
  • Training on the web (pre-recorded)
  • Training from Business Fitness (live and interactive) - call 1300 333 424 to discuss how we can deliver training to best benefit your Firm

1. Help button within the Software

If you are reading this, you have probably already worked out that you can access Help via the File Menu > Info in HowNow.

Many of the dialogs boxes in the HowNow software have a Help button. Click the Help button to access Help - from there you can search on the specific topic you are looking for.

2. Help from your HowNow Administrator

Your HowNow Administrator, once fully trained, will be able to answer many of your questions about using HowNow. Your HowNow Administrator is also the person who should contact the HowNow Support Team. For these reasons, your HowNow Administrator should be your second step, after checking Help, when seeking help on using HowNow.

3. Help from the HowNow Support Team

Your HowNow Administrator is authorised to contact the HowNow Support Team via email or telephone. If support is included in your organisation’s HowNow contract, there is no charge for contacting Support. Otherwise a “per incident” support fee will be charged. This will be explained at the beginning of the call.

Contact the HowNow Support Team by email (or click on Request Support form the Info menu) or telephone 1300 333 424 (Australia only). Support response times are usually within 24 hours (excluding weekends), except in peak periods where times may be longer. Installation and critical issues are usually responded to within 2 hours.

4. Help and coaching from the Client Care Team

The Client Care team are there to assist with implementations and supplementary training. They can be contacted at or by telephoning 1300 333 424.

While technical issues with the software or content are best directed to the HowNow Support Team, the client care team will answer your “bigger picture” implementation questions or issues.

5. Training on the Web

A number of free pre-recorded HowNow tutorials are available on the web.

You can access our training material here - Training Videos

6. Training from Business Fitness

Contact if you require additional training for your firm or administrator.

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