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Database Maintenance

Database maintenance is a method to ensure that your HowNow database is optimised and performing well. The maintenance includes a set of commands that are run to help performance, free up disk space and check\fix for data errors. This task should be run by your IT department and firms need to schedule a HowNow outage to perform this maintenance. We recommend running this on a monthly schedule or as part of your other scheduled IT services maintenance.


Copy from the attached zip, HowNow Database Maintenance.bat and HowNow Database Maintenance.ps1 to the folder where the HowNow database is located.

By running HowNow Database Maintenance.bat, the maintenance process will start and HowNow Database Maintenance.ps1 will launch.

All the log files and backups will output to a Maintenance folder when the script was launched.

Firms can run this as a Windows Scheduled Task, by pointing the task to HowNow Database Maintenance.bat and using an Admin account.

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