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HNX - HowNow Prompts for Update on Every Application Startup

Issue: Despite users having updated the application in their previous session, HowNow continues to prompt them to update the application every time they open it.

Cause: This issue occurs when users pin HowNow to the taskbar immediately after opening it. This pins that specific version instead of the general "Hownow.exe" executable. (as indicated in the screenshot below) Consequently, subsequent updates or newer HowNow versions cannot be accessed using this shortcut.

Resolution: To address this, follow these steps to remove the existing shortcut and create a new one:

Delete the current shortcut for HowNow that might be pointing to an outdated version.

Create a new shortcut using the instructions provided in this article: How to Create a Shortcut for HowNow.

Ensure that you do not use HowNow application icons that include a version number. Only create shortcuts for the 'HowNow' executable file.

By following these steps, you should no longer encounter the issue of being prompted to update HowNow each time you start the application.

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