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Adding OneNote Files to HowNow X

OneNote files can be added to HowNow X with the use of OneDrive.

In the image below Microsoft explains that sharing OneNotes requires the user to save the Notebook in a shared space.

HowNow X can Save and Open files that are saved in OneDrive, as a URL link. This URL link can then be saved in HowNow X, however it cannot be Edited and Saved back.

To save a Notebook to Onedrive, click >File >Share >Browse to your Onedrive and save your Notebook. OneNote will sync your Notebook and show it as a URL link in your OneDrive Folder.

This URL link can then be dragged across to HowNow and saved against a client.

Please contact your Administrator to add '.URL' to the accepted file types if required.

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