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HowNow Self-Serve Export

The ‘HowNow Self-Serve Export’ tool allows you to export all your records from HowNow to your selected location. 

*Please note that you can only run the export process once every 30 days.

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Or you can use this direct link

  • Click ‘Request Export’ and choose your preferred option. The recommended option is ‘Client Code then Location.”

  • Once the export process is initiated, you will see a progress notification.

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  • Once the process is completed*, you will receive an email notification with instructions on the next steps

*This could take a few hours, depending on the volume of the records you are exporting. 

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  • Click on the ‘admin centre’ link from the email received or go to HowNowX Web (, Administration Area -> Records -> Self-Serve Export -> Click Download.

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  • Follow the download instructions. 



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