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Advanced File Sync

Advanced File Sync is an additional service module that allows your HowNow X files (Knowledge & Records) to be synced to your own Microsoft Azure storage account. 

The requirement to be able to use this service is that you must provide your own Azure storage account in the Azure region of Australia East (Sydney) so that Business Fitness can set up the files to be synced to your Azure storage location.

Once the initial sync has been setup and replicated for the first time, the sync will then run on a nightly schedule (between 2am - 4am) to your Azure storage account. 

It is important to note that this is a direct sync of the folder structure and you will then be required to take your own point in time backups as needed from your Azure storage account. We do not take any backups as a part of this sync and this service is provided so that you are able to take and maintain your own backups.

The files that are synced to your Azure storage account will come across with no visibility or teams security applied - any person that has access to your Azure storage account will be able to access all files.

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